Rebooting Computing - Understanding the New Primary Computing Conference(CAR1288)

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Description SET’s digital programme ‘Rebooting Computing’ has been conceived as a way of reinvigorating the subject of ICT/computer science in schools following the Government’s scrapping of the ‘dull and uninspiring’ ICT curriculum in January 2012. The new curriculum for ‘Computing’ demands a completely new approach to the subject. For KS1 and KS2 there will be far more emphasis on how computers and technology works, designing and writing programmes, understanding algorithms, using logical reasoning to detect and correct errors in algorithms and programmes as well as understanding how computer networks and the internet works. Facilitator Tom Stacey will take participants through each of the requirements of the new curriculum, explaining the theory and the concepts behind them and providing advice and tips on how to up-skill quickly and effectively, using the latest theory and resources on computing. He will also introduce a number of software applications that can be used with younger children in order to help them understand computational thinking, algorithms and programme design.
Duration 1 Day

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Target Audience

Primary school teachers who need to better understand the changes that are coming for KS1 and KS2 Computing and how it will affect the way the subject is approached when the new curriculum is launched. 


  • To introduce the National Curriculum for Computing changes
  • To understand the rationale for the changes
  • To highlight the differences and progression proposed from KS1 to KS2
  • To introduce some hardware and software that can used in schools in Computing lessons
  • To provide an introduction to a set of practical resources on computing theory including books, websites, software and video tutorials
  • To provide practical ways to transfer this knowledge into the classroom



The session will include presentations, open discussion and questions and answer session. There will also be the opportunity for participants to get hands on with hardware and software packages including Scratch, Raspberry Pi and Makey Makey. There will also be a wealth of online resources to follow up after the session.  

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About the Facilitator

Tom Stacey is a computer scientist and educator who is passionate about sharing cutting edge IT research and practice with learners of all ages. Tom worked at the world famous Ultralab Research centre in Essex, and now teaches on Postgraduate courses at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.  Tom’s work teaching programming to children has taken him around the country, and with many partners including Apple, Channel 4 and Panasonic.  When not enthusing about the Raspberry Pi, Tom is studying for a PhD with CEMP at Bournemouth University and is also a regular on the centre stand at the BETT trade show showcasing children’s digital creativity.

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