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Description Reflection Coaching provides coaching training packages to educational establishments, which enable them to become independent coaching environments. We show you how to get the best out of your leadership teams, teachers and students, with our bespoke training packages. Technology is advancing rapidly. So too is the body of knowledge on the technology of the human mind. Our coaching packages are underpinned by Master's level research in coaching theories and neuroscience, resulting in training which maximises the potential of all of your team, staff and students alike. Our work delivers on many of the Ofsted criteria and our bespoke packages will enable you to focus on specific areas of interest for your institution. Inspectors are looking for evidence of excellent commitment to Continuous Professional Development. Our coach training will enable your staff to help each other to continue to develop long after other, traditional CPD has been forgotten.
Duration Packages are tailored to the needs of your school. We offer in-house INSET training and coaching, to individuals and groups.

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Categories Primary, Secondary, Higher, Leadership and Management, Teaching and Learning, Early Years/Foundation, Sciences, Mathematics / Numeracy, Further education, 14-19, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, Arts, Business / Economics, Computing / ICT, English / Literacy, Health and care, Hospitality and Leisure, Humanities, Languages, PE / Sport, Technology, Management, Support Staff, Teaching staff, Assistant Headteacher, CPD Leader, Deputy Headteacher, Headteacher, Head of year / Pastoral leader, Business Manager, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Administration Staff, Learning Support, Pupil Support, Advanced Skills Teacher, Excellent Teacher, Main-scale (core) teacher, Newly Qualified Teacher, Non-practising teacher, Post-threshold Teacher, Pupil mentor, Trainnee (pre-QTS) teacher, Teacher trainer, Head of Department / Faculty, Personal Development, Cross-curricular Themes, Parents and Community, Work-life Balance, Sustainable Development, Change Management, Coaching and Mentoring, CPD Leadership, Performance Management, Business Management, Organisational Improvement, Parent Support, Education system, Assessment, Bilingual Support / EAL, Behaviour for Learning, Diversity, Gifted and Talented, Inclusion, Personalised Learning, SEND, Subject Knowledge, Classroom Management, In school, Online, After-school meetings, Team lesson planning/teaching, Speech / Seminar, Webinar, Safeguarding, Governor, Child Protection Officer, Behaviour Interventions, Collaborative Learning, Aspiration Interventions, Feedback, Gifted and Talented, Individualised Instruction, Meta-cognition and Self-regulation, One-to-one, Peer Tutoring, Small Group Tuition, Social and Emotional, Summer Schools, Teaching Assistants, School closure day, Coaching / Mentoring, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Use of Pupil Premium, PSHE, Identifies activities where TAs can support learning, rather than managing tasks, Provides support and training for teachers and TAs on how to work collaboratively , Activities to sufficiently challenge the tutee , Tailored for individual needs , Tuition lead by qualified teacher, as a qualified teacher is likely to have greater impact on learners’ progress , Grouping for intensive support of one-to-two or even one-to-three, Short periods (5-10 weeks) of intensive sessions , Targeted interventions for those diagnosed or at-risk of emotional or behavioural disorders , Programmes of two to six months, Programmes with a proven track record of impact, Training of facilitators or professional development , Skills taught directly linked to learning in schools, encouraging pupils to apply the skills they learn, Staff commitment to programme and support for the consistent application of skills , Sensitive and targeted intervention may benefit at risk or more vulnerable pupils, Teaching approaches that ensure students have the knowledge and skills to progress towards their goals , Generalisations in aspiration intervention are avoided, Monitoring the impact of any interventions or approaches if the goal is to improve attainment, Provides approaches to assess pupils’ needs accurately and provide work at a challenging level with effective feedback and support, There are approaches to support pupils working together, Tasks are designed carefully so that working together is effective and efficient, There are opportunities to make use of competition between groups to support pupils in working together more effectively within their group, Provides approaches that encourage lower achieving pupils to talk and articulate their thinking in collaborative tasks , Provides approaches for specific, accurate and clear feedback , Provides approaches for comparing what a learner is doing right now and wrong before , Provides approaches for a balance between support and challenge, Supports effective professional development for teachers, Provides approaches for individualised learning tasks activities , Provides teaching approaches which encourage learners to plan, monitor and evaluate their learning with careful implementation, Provides approaches to teach pupils explicit strategies to plan, to monitor and to evaluate their learning with and without support, Provides teaching approaches which encourage pupil engagement in planning and best approaches to tasks, Evaluation of process , Help schools find best way to spend Pupil Premium , Ofsted, Audit framework TEST, Governance, Monitoring Impact, Raising Aspirations/Expectations, Career Planning, Out of hours learning
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Time and workload management

Promoting creative thinking 

Independent practitioners facilitating independent learners

Improved results amongst more confident students

Moving away from comfort zones to affect true development

Positive conversations - positive actions

Improved leadership effectiveness and communication

Improved teaching and learning through genuine support

Reduction in the stress that leads to poor performance and sickness

Better working relationships

Increased trust amongst staff

Improved understanding and strategies to optimise brain performance

Student coaches enjoy increased sense of responsiblity, empathy and  self-esteem. 


Evidence underpinning this approach The provider has not supplied this information
How users/participants can evaluate success The provider has not supplied this information
Follow-up activities and support The provider has not supplied this information

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