Rethinking the Way Children Learn: an audience with Vygotsky(Vygotsky2013)

Provider: Chalk Face (School CPD) Ltd
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Description Lev Vygotsky revolutionised understanding of child development and learning. He wrote about “learning through play”, “thinking out loud”, “scaffolding learning”, “internalisation”, “mastery” and the “zone of proximal development”. This day is oh-so-very-much-more than yet another visit to the land of “Smart Targets”, “Assessment 4 Learning” and “Steps 2 Success”. Come along and be (re)inspired by Vygotsky!
Duration 1 day

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

A deeper understanding of each of the key concepts advanced by Vygotsky as an explanation for the way humans learn. Consideration of the implications for schooliong in general and classroom practise in particular.

Evidence underpinning this approach

The works of Vygotsky; other academic research drawn from education and learning theory, as well as sociology and psychology; teacher and headteacher experience; pupil perception and experience.

How users/participants can evaluate success

Opportunity to learn about, and critique, Vygotsky's ideas. If Vygotsky is right, what are the implications for the way we assess, plan, teach, mark and feedback to pupils.

Follow-up activities and support

Opportunity to join the School CPD virtual Lesson Studies network: a forum for exchanging tips and resources.


Arrive 8.30am onwards

9.15am start

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session 4

End: 4pm

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