Reviewing your behaviour policy: this is how we do it here

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Description Having a policy and what happens in practice can be two very different things. This is your opportunity to create a behaviour policy which works. A good school behaviour policy is developed with, agreed by and communicated to all. It is consistently applied and creates opportunities to teach good behaviour. You will be taken through a tried and tested behaviour policy review process packed with examples of how to engage staff, governors, pupils, parents and carers. During the session you will identify how you, too, can achieve optimum clarity and consistency of approach and turn policy into effective practice. "The best schools have a sign above the door, which says, ‘This is how we do it here.’ When you walk through the doors, the expectations of behaviour are different from those behaviours that you use in the community or with your parents. They might well work out there, but when you walk through that door, that is how they do it there. The best schools have absolute consistency. It does not matter whether the system is behaviourist or extremely old-fashioned, the critical difference is that people sign up to it and teachers act with one voice and one message: ‘This is how we do it here’." - Paul Dix, Behaviour Specialist, educational speaker and author.
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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students By attending the course you will:review your policy in line with DfE statutory guidance on behaviour and disciplineclarify behaviour policy guidelines best practice and proceduresexplore approaches to making your school behaviour policy a practical docume
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