SEND for Classroom Teachers

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Description With the new SEN Code of Practice coming in September 2014 and fewer pupils fulfilling the criteria for additional support, are your classroom teachers ready to take responsibility for meeting the needs of all their pupils? These ready-made training materials can be used by the SENCO or training leader to equip new teachers with the knowledge, skills and understanding to provide quality first teaching to SEND pupils.
Duration 4 units of 90 minutes

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

This training pack is particularly suitable for organisations involved in school-based initial teacher training though also appropriate for use with more experienced staff. It will:

  • support high-quality inclusive teaching rather than reactive SEND provision
  • explore approaches for overcoming barriers to learning such as speech and language needs, autistic spectrum disorders or sensory and physical disabilities
  • provide trainees with practical strategies to give them confidence in the classroom
  • enable school-based training leaders to equip new teachers with the skills they need to support 21st century learners.
Evidence underpinning this approach

In writing this course, author Gareth D Morewood has drawn on his experience in working with pupils with SEND, as well as using expert research including the following:

  • Bowlby J (1999) Attachment. Attachment and Loss (vol. 1) (2nd ed.). New York: Basic Books.
  • Bowlby J (1973) Separation: Anxiety and Anger. Attachment and Loss (vol. 2); (International psycho-analytical library no.95). London: Hogarth Press.
  • Bowlby J (1980). Loss: Sadness and Depression. Attachment and Loss (vol. 3); (International psycho-analytical library no.109). London: Hogarth Press.
  • Bowlby J (1988). A Secure Base: Parent-Child Attachment and Healthy Human Development. Tavistock professional book. London: Routledge.
  •  National Autistic Society.
  • Jordan, R. (2010) The Education of Pupils with Autism: lessons from research
How users/participants can evaluate success

At the end of each training session, the training leader will find a list of suggested ways of evaluating the impact of the training on a sustained, ongoing basis. An evaluation form is also included in the pack.

Suggestions include:

  • Arrange a follow-up session for feedback. Take the opportunity to build upon discussions during the course, deal with specific challenges and find out what is working for participants.
  • Carry out learning works or lesson observations to look for specific adjustments which support access to the curriculum for SEND pupils.
  • Encourage those trying new methods or techniques to share their experiences with colleagues.
  • Talk to some pupils about changes in their classroom experience as a result of this training. Have they noticed a difference in the support they receive to access the curriculum? Are the changes helping them?



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About the expert:

Gareth D Morewood is Director of Curriculum Support [SENCo] at a large comprehensive secondary school in the north-west of England, awarded an ‘Outstanding’ judgment by Ofsted in June 2011. He is a passionate advocate of inclusive education, has written extensively and regularly speaks at national conferences, particularly on provision within mainstream settings for students with complex needs.


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