So You Want to be a Successful Assistant/Deputy Head Teacher?

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Description One of the most challenging promotions in school is the leap from middle to senior management. You suddenly find yourself needing a global overview of the school where you are responsible for many in the vision, leadership and management of learning and teaching. People are now looking towards you for inspiration, advice and leadership. Your views, words and actions are monitored and are a topic for discussion by those who were once your peers. You are also watched more closely by other members of the SMT, pupils, parents, the LEA and the all powerful Governing Body.
Duration 1 day

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Categories Secondary, Leadership and Management, KS3, KS4, Deputy Headteacher, Out of school
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

The aims of this course are to: • Examine and analyse the position of senior management as part of a whole school vision and philosophy. • Outline the importance of vision, leadership and management in developing a successful school. • Identify skills necessary for working in the senior management team. • Examine the importance of the School Improvement Plan. • Study strategies for keeping the focus on learning and teaching. • Examine the important aspects of applications and interview techniques. • Develop skills for dealing with difficult people and situations. • Address current issues.

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