Sound Mats –Phase 5 Letters and Sounds(LSR18)

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Description The sound mat is a visual representation of the further graphemes for reading taught in Phase five. The mat contains the graphemes and split digraphs and mnemonics in Phase five. It complements the Grapheme – Phoneme Progression Phase 5, used to display on the classroom wall. It supports children in recalling correct letter formation of each of the letters.

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Categories Primary, Teaching and Learning, Early Years/Foundation, English / Literacy, Teaching staff
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Make the sound mat accessible in the writing areas and at tables to support children with independent and guided writing activities.


Evidence underpinning this approach

The sound mat supports phonics teaching, using the highly acclaimed Letters and Sounds programme.

Research undertaken by Dr Marylnne Grant (2014) Longitudinal Studies with Synthetic Phonics from Reception to Year 2 and to Year 6, recommends using desk mats to teach phonics teaching effectively.


How users/participants can evaluate success

1. Through senior leaders moniorting of quality and teaching of phonics lessons.  How effectively the resource is being used to promote high quality teaching  and learning of phonics and ouctomes for pupils .

2. Effective use of resources to promote learning and raising attainment in the Phonic Screen Check.

Follow-up activities and support

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