Tackling Dyslexia in the Primary School: Getting our retaliation in first.

Provider: YPO
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Description Each new class is very likely to have some pupils who will eventually be assessed as dyslexic, usually on test results that show problems with processing information and memory. There are often additional problems with speech, motor skills, personal organisation and sensitivity to light. This course will help schools identify these pupils early, and plan in advance to support them throughout their primary education. It will include teaching techniques that have worked in particularly difficult cases, as well as small adjustments to teaching and support that help children to approach their next lesson with confidence. It will include ways of teaching irregular features of English spelling alongside phonics, techniques for improving working and long-term memory, and ways of dealing with additional and parallel issues.
Duration 1 day

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Categories Management, Teaching staff, Out of school
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students This course will
• Show how to identify problems early
• Provide ways of planning support in advance
• Demonstrate effective teaching techniques for reading, spelling (Slimmed Down Spelling) and handwriting
• Show and evaluate a range of effective resources
• Consider ways of tackling sensitivity to light, speech and language problems, dyspraxia and personal organisation
• Give guidelines for school-based training of assistants
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How users/participants can evaluate success The provider has not supplied this information
Follow-up activities and support The provider has not supplied this information
Details This course will be delivered by John Bald, John Bald has forty years' experience of teaching, research, training and writing in the fields of languages, literacy and basic mathematics. He became interested in literacy problems in his first year of teaching, when he found out that an eleven-year-old who had truanted from his English class couldn't read, and that no-one was doing anything about it. He moved to a school with a reading unit, discovered a talent for teaching people to read, and became a head of department in the East End of London. After publishing two articles on teaching spelling, he moved to Essex as tutor in charge of a Reading and Language Centre, where he provided practical support on literacy to schools and further education colleges and wrote extensively for The TES. John became an independent consultant in 1993, and took part in 175 Ofsted inspections, leading 100 and helping to train new inspectors. He was a pioneer of training for teaching assistants, and is currently technical adviser on languages to the Hackney Learning Trust and a member of the DfE's expert committee on languages. He has written two books, The Literacy File, 1997, joint winner of the UKRA Donald Moyle award , and Using Phonics To Teach Reading And Spelling (Sage,2007). John is co-founder of A Book of My Own, a charity that provides children in care with their own books. He offers free help to people with literacy problems.

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