Teaching Grammar Interactively

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Description This course will clarify grammar requirements for key stages 1 and 2 and support Teachers with a wide a whole school approach to teaching grammar as well as develop subject knowledge. During this day, child friendly and creative ways to bring grammar to life will be applied to stories and images. The focus of the day will be around ways to integrate grammar teaching into units of work and seek opportunities to apply it through real reasons to be a writer.
Duration 1 day

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Categories English / Literacy, Teaching staff, Out of school
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students This course will
• Provide a whole school grammar curriculum to ensure continuity and progression
• Revitalise teaching approaches to ensure grammar is taught creatively
• Bolster Teacher’s subject knowledge about the new dimensions of grammar in the new national curriculum
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Follow-up activities and support The provider has not supplied this information
Details This course will be delivered by Jane Considine, Jane is an energising and engaging consultant on the education of early years and primary aged pupils. She has worked closely with a vast number of schools and Local Education Authorities in a range of circumstances tailoring support to meet individual challenges. Jane has a keen interest in supporting teachers on revitalising their approaches to learning and teaching and as a popular speaker addresses thousands of teachers each year across the UK and around the world.

She is prepared to ‘roll up her sleeves’ and deliver at the chalk-face and makes it a priority to regularly teach as she considers this a vital part in being an educational consultant and prides herself on being a trainer who is ‘in touch’ with the craft of teaching. Jane believes in quality assuring all methods that she promotes and her specialism is enabling challenging concepts to ‘come alive’ in the classroom. Whilst working as a Consultant at Local Authority level she became Ofsted trained and supported many schools ‘out of’ categories. She now works, not only as an independent consultant, but also in close collaboration with other highly regarded authors and trainers. Colleagues who have attended Jane’s courses describe her approach as vibrant, inspirational and meaningful.
Jane’s ‘FANTASTIC System for Writing’© has been identified as a powerful tool in supporting schools with a target of improving writing. Her recently published picture books, ‘The Last Straw’, ‘Computer Dad’ & ‘Bike Boy’ are popular guided reading books in primary schools.

Her series of books ‘The Nine Story Journeys’© provides a visual structure which supports improvements in writing attainments. It enables pupils to design their story shape and extend ideas orally and kinaesthetically prior to writing. The Nine Story Journey system is easy and accessible to classroom practitioners and will impact on pupils’ ability to construct whole stories rather than short burst chunks.

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