Teaching history in the classroom using historical fiction (HA 0213)

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Description Teaching history in the classroom using historical fiction is a new Historical Association eCPD course that has already successfully run twice. Due to demand it will run again, this time in February and March 2013, to coincide with the ‘Creative Curriculum’ edition of Primary History. Is it the story in history that grabs you? Do you want to use historical fiction in your classroom but are unsure where to start? Have you already tried getting your children to write historical fiction and been disappointed with the results? Well then this is the course for you. For children to successfully write historical fiction they need to know and understand the writer’s techniques. They can only achieve this through your teaching them how to read historical fiction with a critical eye; then the writer within the reader will be released. This course sets out to show you exactly how this can be done with practical classroom guidance on planning, researching and writing good historical stories set in any historical period.
Duration four weeks

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Pupils read historical fiction with a critical eye

pupils learn how to write effective historical fiction

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The course will run over four weeks. Each week there will be a variety of individual and collaborative activities, both online and back in your school, supported by a discussion forum. Each week is planned to take you up to five hours to successfully complete and it will allow you some flexibility on when and where you complete the activities. The course design draws upon the latest research into the design and practice of elearning. It has been written, and will be led, by Dave Martin who has extensive experience of both using historical fiction in the classroom and of teaching adults online.

One possible indicator of the success of the first presentation of this course was that a student from the school of one of the teachers on that course was a winner of Write Your Own Historical Story 2012. A more reliable measure might be this comment from one course member in their evaluation of the course as a whole, ‘Just fantastic actually - I have been talking about little else since. - When can I do another one? This is the way forward.’

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