Teaching Systematic Synthetic Phonics in Primary Schools

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Description by Waugh and Joliffe. The text begins by examining the central role of phonics in the teaching of reading, drawing on recent research and initiatives. It goes on to cover the essential knowledge trainees need to acquire themselves and the teaching of phonics to children.
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David Waugh is a former deputy headteacher who worked in ITT from 1990 at University of Hull, where he led the PGCE course and became Head of Department. In 2008 he was appointed as one of two National Strategies Regional Advisers for ITT. He is currently Director of Primary ITT Programmes at Durham University, where he is also subject leader for English. He has published extensively in primary English, as well as developing e-learning resources for National Strategies for English, mathematics and mentoring and coaching.

Wendy Jolliffe is a former deputy headteacher who has worked in ITT for just under 10 years. She worked as a Regional Adviser for ITT for the National Strategies from 2008 to 2010 and advised ITT providers on effective provision for literacy, in addition to being responsible for producing a range of e-learning resources. She is currently responsible for a range of ITT programmes and teaches on various modules including Primary English. She has published extensively for English and Cooperatively Learning.

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