Teenagers and bereavement

Provider: Child Bereavement UK
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Description The diverse needs of bereaved teenagers can be challenging to people working alongside them. However, through an understanding of the theories of loss and grief in relation to this age group and the ways in which you can encourage emotional literacy in adolescents, this workshop aims to build confidence and skills
Duration One Day

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students
  • To explore the world of the teenager and develop a deeper understanding of the struggles teenagers face
  • To gain an understanding of the theories of loss and mourning in relation to teenagers
  • To recognise the diverse needs of bereaved teenagers
  • To explore our own experiences of loss and how it impacts on us when we observe the grief of others
  • To identify ways to encourage emotional literacy in adolescents
  • To gain information about Child Bereavement UK and support organisations and resources available
Evidence underpinning this approach

92% of young people in the UK report having experienced bereavement before the age of 16 with regard to what they consider to be a ‘close’ or ‘significant’ relationship .

Harrington & Harrington 2001

70% of schools have a bereaved pupil on their roll at any time

1 in 16 has been bereaved of a close friend

1 in 29 school age children will be beraved of a parent or sibling.

How users/participants can evaluate success

Participants have a better understanding and skills to support bereaved teenagers in their school, and be able to faciliate any changes need to deliver best practice in supporting these bereaved pupils.

A  bereavement policy in the school is developed/ amended to include practical support for bereaved adolescents.

Follow-up activities and support

Bereavement support and informaion service is available Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm


An interactive workshop that includes a combination of presentations, discussion, small group work and case scenarios.

This course does not have any pre-booked dates available. Please contact the provider directly to arrange this training.