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Course_thumb The Earth and Plate Tectonics Course
Earth Science Education Unit (ESEU)

‘The Earth and Plate Tectonics’ workshop gets to grips with the wide-ranging evidence for the theory that underpins our detailed modern understanding of our dynamic planet – the theory of Plate Tectonics. The workshop begins with an introduction and progresses through a series of activities that are designed to help students develop their understanding. It uses several independent sources of evidence supporting the theory,... (read more)

Free (Duration: 90 minutes)


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Stated learning outcomes for this course

The Earth and Plate Tectonics

Expected learning outcomes:

  • an introduction to plate tectonics
  • distinction between the ‘facts’ of plate tectonics and the evidence used to support plate tectonic theory
  • a survey of some of the evidence supporting plate tectonic theory
  • an introduction to the evidence for the structure of the Earth and the links between the structure of the outer Earth and plate tectonics
  • explanation of some of the hazards caused by plate tectonic processes - earthquakes and eruptions
  • methods of teaching the abstract concepts of plate tectonics, using a wide range of teaching approaches
  • including practical and electronic simulations
  • approaches to activities designed to develop the thinking and investigational skills of students;
  • an integrated overview of the plate tectonic concepts commonly taught to secondary pupils through the KS4 National Curriculum for Science, as laid out in the GCSE Science specifications.


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