The New & Aspiring Head of Art & Design

Provider: Lighthouse Ltd
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Description The course will help you clarify the main managerial roles and responsibilities and will also address the core values of art and design education that should underpin the department. With a clear focus on raising the aspirations and achievement of the Art department, the course will help you identify key strategies for initiating improvement.
Duration 1 day

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Categories Secondary, Teaching and Learning, KS3, KS4, Arts, Head of year / Pastoral leader, Subject Knowledge, Out of school
Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Aims of the course: • The training offers generic and subject specific support and guidance • Identifies the qualities needed to be a successful head of department • Provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a subject leader • Offers a perspective on current issues in art and design education • Offers guidance for reviewing and taking the department forward

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