The Power of Purpose

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Description This three day programme is for senior leaders and aims to equip you with empowering skills to achieve outstanding, shared and sustainable leadership in your school. Unlike conventional goal setting or time management programmes, The Power of Purpose uses an experiential learning process to reveal the hidden agenda that determine our effectiveness from inside. The course provides the opportunity to explore taking much more radical responsibility for the outcomes and purposes that are important to us. The key benefits of the programme centre on:- work/life balance - learn how to shift the balance towards more life, less work- results - learn how to really hit the results you want, rather than just thinking or hoping- choice - learn how to proactively have your job, rather than your job having you.
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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students By attending the course you will:understand how purpose motivates you and how this fuels you to achieve what you really wantlearn how to identify and remove obstacles that limit your resultslearn how to proactively define your purposes, reduce stress and
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