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Description The unique coaching service supporting all teachers and leaders to 'good' and beyond. Expect teachers and leaders to make rapid and sustained improvement. Ask the Teacher's Coach for testimonials from real schools. Day rate £325 includes: - working on site with 5-6 teachers per day on a 1:1 basis - preparation and written logs for each supported teacher - meeting with Senior Leader to review progress - optional twilight CPD session on a teaching and learning topic

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

Expect teachers and leaders to experience rapid and sustained improvments to their practice.

"Thanks to Dave, lesson observations have moved from 3 to 2 and are now securely at that level. More importnatly, however, I am really enjoying my teaching again." (Teacher, Rednock School)

"Having sessions with David has certainly improved my management of literacy across the curriculum. He encourages you to find the answers to questions yourself. He develops questions which expand your thinking and makes you consider issues from a number of sides and viewpoints. He's extremely supportive and makes you feel at ease because of his non-judgemental role." (Middle Leader, Rednock School)

Coached clients improve their practice and their impact on pupils' learning because they:

  • Become more reflective and objectively analytical about the effectiveness of their own practice;
  • Demonstrate increased critical awareness of different teaching approaches and their impact on learning;
  • Develop better problem-solving and decision-making skills;
  • Demonstrate improved confidence and a willingness to try out new ideas constructively;
  • Develop better communications and relationships with others - colleagues and pupils;
  • Develop a more positive mindset and take greater ownership of their own CPD.

Through coaching, the whole school:

  • Develops a collaborative research and learning culture;
  • Develops a culture of high aspirations and vitality.


Evidence underpinning this approach

Senior Leaders using the Teacher's Coach's service have noted:

  • "David was certainly a major contributor to our raising standards agenda, which enabled us to achieve a 'good' grading from Ofsted in 2014." (Assistant Head, Gloucestershire School)
  • "David's work has encouraged staff enquiry, certainly remotivated colleagues at times of discouragement and contributed to the dialogue on best practice. It has been part of our shift to a culture where we challenge ourselves rather than look to others to do so. The impact of this commitment to CPD for all has been evident in student progress measures over the last 12 months." ( Deputy Head, Rednock School)

For schools to be judged 'good' or 'outstanding', recent Ofsted reports highlight the value of coaching and the use of external input:

  • "Leaders use external sources, including educational consultants, to validate judgements about the quality of teaching."
  • "Coaching and mentoring have successfully secured improvements to teaching in the last year."

NFER and TDA research from 2008 (piii) concludes, "Reports from researchers and teachers suggest that a culture of mentoring and coaching will, over time, have an impact on young people and their learning."

"Coaching with David has helped me establish a good rapport with my Y11 group. I now feel more confident to deliver challenging and engaging lessons to my Y11 students, who are fully aware of my high expectations." (Teacher, Maidenhill School)

The coaching model that the Teacher's Coach has developed with school leaders follows closely the recommendations for carefully designed professional development programmes identified by TDT's research on Developing Great Teaching.

How users/participants can evaluate success

Initial meetings with Senior Leaders commissioning coaching support and with teachers to be coached will establish:

  • Intended outcomes and success criteria for the programme as a whole
  • Intended outcomes and success criteria for each individual to be coached

Senior Leaders will monitor and measure impact through:

  • Regular 30 minute progress meetings with the Teacher's Coach
  • Written summaries from the Teacher's Coach of key outcomes from meetings with coached staff and from lesson observations
  • Senior Leaders' own formal lesson observations of coached staff
  • Feedback from coached staff to Senior Leaders (evaluation form to assess programme as a whole)

Coached staff will monitor and measure impact through:

  • Completion of a 'coaching log' to record reflections and action points from coaching meeetings
  • Completion of a 'learning log' to record outcomes of action points and professional learning gained
  • Where relevant, seeking feedback from pupils to gauge imapct on learning
  • Feedback from coached staff to Teacher's Coach (evaluation form to assess value of coaching to individuals)
Follow-up activities and support

At the behest of Senior Leaders, the Teacher's Coach can also:

  • Train staff in the skills of coaching
  • Mentor and support coaching staff to reflect on and improve existing skills
  • Deliver a critical evaluation of a school's own coaching programme and make recommendations
  • Coach staff in pairs or small groups (a different programme will apply)
  • Organise and steer a teacher action research group
  • Conduct whole school reviews of aspects of teaching and learning and produce a report with recommendations
  • Deliver whole school, departmental, individual CPD on different aspects of teaching and learning, e.g. challenge, questioning, thinking skills, formative assessment, resilience

A number of coaching models are available, depending on individual circumstanes and needs.

Conatct the Teacher's Coach to create a programme that meets your specific requirements.

As an illustration, a standard coaching programme:

  • Works with teachers 1:1 to develop classroom practice
  • Covers 6 full days over a 6 week period
  • Delivers effective coaching for up to 6 individuals
    • Contact with 5-6 classroom teachers per day
    • 2 coaching cycles per person:
      • week 1 - individual meeting: establish rapport, set objectives
      • week 2 - coaching meeting 1: explore aspects of teaching and learning to be developed, agree focus for lesson observation 1, set targets
      • week 3 - lesson observation 1
      • week 4 - coaching meeting 2: discuss outcomes from lesson observation, explore strategies and techniques to strengthen practice, agree focus for lesson observation 2, set targets
      • week 5 - lesson observation 2
      • week 6 - coaching meeting 3: discuss outcomes from lesson observation 2, determine professional learning and next steps
    • Fortnightly 30 minute meeting with SLT to discuss progress
    • Written summary of outcomes for coached staff and SLT
  • 2 x 45 minute twilght CPD sessions for interested staff. Examples: questioning, challenge, effective feedback