Understanding User Centred Design

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Description This branch training session and resource looks to explore how User-Centred Design (UCD) has been used in industry and how we, as design and technology teachers can use a similar process to improve the quality of our students' work. User-centred design concerns the optimisation of a product around the needs, wants, and limitations of the intended user of a product. It ensures that all are given attention at each stage of the designing process. It can be characterized as a multi-stage problem solving process that not only requires the designer to analyse and foresee how users are likely to use a product, but also to test the validity of their assumptions with regard to user behaviour in real live tests with actual users. This is necessary as it is often very difficult for the designers of a product to understand intuitively what first-time user of their design may experiences. The term is in common usage in both the design and innovation industry. UCD is essentially all about the interaction between designer and user, that there needs to be a continual dialogue throughout the design process, which in turn should ensure that the ‘end solution’ meets more of the user’s needs.In the school situation, this is about applying greater rigour and discipline to the whole process of designing. It helps us move away from the simple linear approach to the design process to a system which is more ‘real’ with many ‘eddy currents’ as we move through the process. It goes onto to illustrate how it fits into the new PoS through the use of a practical activity, that can be used with students in KS3 or beyond.
Duration 4.30pm-6.30pm

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