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The Visible Classroom project is a partnership between Ai-Media and the University of Melbourne using live speech-to-text captioning to support teachers to reflect critically on their practice and increase engagement with students. Visible Classroom draws on the principle of Visible Learning established by Professor John Hattie. Captions are streamed directly to tablets or an interactive whiteboard so that students have a second... (read more)

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Stated learning outcomes for this course

Visible Classroom serves as an impetus to support teachers to systematically and critically reflect on their practice. The technology fosters a mind-set in teachers as activators and evaluators of learning that seek feedback on their teaching, and are welcoming of error. This has been shown to have an impact on student achievement and attainment. Teachers receive feedback on:

• Effective signposting / structuring
• Amount of time devoted to different activities as compared to a model of best practice for a given lesson type
• Teacher clarity as measured by speed of delivery and number of inaudible or unclear terms.
• Effective questioning, measured by number of questions, wait time between question and answer.

Teachers receive in-depth, personalised feedback on their teaching, along with evidence-based recommendations from researchers at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

Teachers who make a difference to student attainment know their impact, and seek out evidence to support that they have had an impact [1]. Nowhere is this kind of teacher reflection more critical than in classrooms which serve learners who are disadvantaged in some way. Research suggests that compared to students from middle- and high-SES backgrounds, low-SES need more instruction, and benefit from more structure, more positive reinforcement from the teacher, and receiving the curriculum in smaller packages with regular and timely provision of feedback [3].

Students, in addition to having access to higher quality teaching, can use the system to drive and improve their own learning experience. The technology provides learners with an opportunity to access instruction in a variety of different formats as and when they need it.

At the school level, the generation of data in the form of the transcripts can serve as an impetus for schools to reflect on the impact of various initiatives on attainment, and to identify both strengths and gaps across the school community.


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