Writing an Effective Self-Evaluation Document (SEF)(0714)

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Description This consultancy package is for headteachers and senior leadership teams who wish to take a new look at how the school SEF is written. This will be of particular interest if your school as not been inspected under the current Ofsted framework; possibly as an Outstanding School you have not been inspected since 2010.

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

You will learn:

  • About current best practice in School Self Evaluation and identify improvements to your current processes
  • How to apply the Ofsted langauage of Proportion, Attainment and Progress to the writing of your School SEF
  • How to ensure that your SEF is  'concise, succint and evaluative' while also celebrating what is unique about your school.


Evidence underpinning this approach

This course draws on:

  • International research into Self-Evaluation carried out and published by CfBT.
  • Best practice surveys by Ofsted
  • The Ofsted Handbook
  • The Ofsted Framework
  • The Ofsted Subsiduary Guidance for Inspectors.


How users/participants can evaluate success


  • At the end of this course you will have decided what you want to do in order to improve the quality of your SEF in line with the 2014 Ofsted Framework.
  • You will have identified priorities for improving the scope and impact of your school self evaluation processes.
  • You will be better prepared for Ofsted
Follow-up activities and support

A written record of the review of your self-evaluation processes and the identified priorties for improvement will be provided as follow up. This document will support you in communicating a vision for school improvement across the school. In addiition consultancy can be provided to support the rewriting of your SEF.


This is a bespoke package for in house delivery over 1 day. You will be required to provide a current copy of the school SEF, access to your school Raiseonline report and any written policies related to school self-evaluation and school improvemnt including your school development plan. All documents provided will remain confidential.