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Description HOW2s are visual guides that turn essential research into everyday teaching. Evidence-based and online, they come with a suite of tools to accelerate and share your learning.

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Learning outcomes for participants/users and, where relevant, pupils or students

HOW2s empower teachers. They give direct access to the most powerful evidence: what works best in classrooms. And does it in ways that strengthens the bonds of collegiate learning. The benefits extend to coaches, managers and leaders. 

HOW2s unlock teachers’potential by providing them with precise and easy-to-understand information on what outstanding teaching looks like. And it links them together in a network of shared learning. Simple, streamlined and scalable — the perfect match for the modern professional. 



Evidence underpinning this approach

HOW2s are based firmly on the meta-analyses that, over the past fifteen years, have promised to revolutionise education. 

Educational research investigates what works best in classrooms. It doesn’t direct its gaze at itself however. As it stands today, evidence doesn’t work. It fails to communicate its findings in ways that can be easily accesssed, understood and implemented by teachers.

HOW2s bridge this gap between the researcher and the classroom. They’re designed to bring evidence into teachers’ everyday practice and are built upon mulitiple sources of evidence on how best to accomplish this. 


How users/participants can evaluate success

"It allows our large staff to personalise their learning, personalise their development. And fits their CPD entitlement along with their approach to their performance management targets."

Jane Harper



"It makes your practice more effective, more powerful, more rigorous. Therefore, it improves you as a teacher."

Andrew Steed



"Looking at these visualisations that take you through that teaching strategy, step-by-step, is like gold dust."




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With consistent terminology and precise step-by-step explanations, HOW2s help managers establish a powerful shared understanding among staff.

The Skills Exchange, with its communication tools, enables managers to plan, set up, manage and monitor professional learning from their desk top.

At-a-glance updates, creating groups of teachers, sending nudges for action, coordinated email alerts, sharing teaching notes... all contribute to make the spreading of best practice an everyday affair. 

For large organisations particularly, HOW2s offer the exciting prospect of achieving real coherence across departments, even campuses.

The Skills Exchange opens up shared learning to an altogether new level, only previously dreamed about. And in a short time, this sharing will extend beyond the individual organisations to include whichever new boundary chosen: local, regional or national. Perfect for geographically dispersed Academy chains.

More exciting still, plans are underway to extend the scope of the Skills Exchange to a global network of teachers sharing their insights and practices. 

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