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Course_thumb Gardening For All Course
Royal Horticultural Society

Learn about the practicalities of gardening with pupils with Special Educational Needs, including appropriate tools and equipment, seed sowing techniques and useful hints and tips for gardening with a school budget. Consider different types of garden suitable for the school environment and plants that are suitable for SEN pupils. Learn what gardening techniques might appeal most to pupils with specific educational needs, such as Autistic... (read more)

£90.00 (no VAT on this item) For one course
£135.00 (no VAT on this item) For two courses or two persons on one course
£180.00 (no VAT on this item) For three courses or three persons on one course
(Duration: 1 day)


Course_thumb Knowledge Discovery and Datamining Course
University of East Anglia

Knowledge Discovery and Datamining (KDD) will enable you to transform large amounts of collected data into knowledge that can drive business decisions. For example, insights into customer behaviour can be used for cross selling opportunities, to improve the customer experience or for targeted marketing campaigns. Our 5 day course will give you a detailed understanding of the KDD process. It will also introduce you to the... (read more)

£1,595.00 (no VAT on this item)
(Duration: 5 Days)


Course_thumb Basic Counselling Skills  Course
PEYTU Training

Consider the needs of children, young people and adults in distress. Consider theories of counselling. Link theories to appropriate skills and to practice these skills.

£150.00 + VAT
(Duration: 5 sessions over 2 1/2 days )


Course_thumb ILM Level 3 Award in First Line Management Course
Best Practice Network

The ILM Level 3 qualification in First Line Management has been specially designed to give practising or aspiring first line managers a solid foundation in their formal development as a manager.

£645.00 + VAT
(Duration: 3 Days over a six month period)


Course_thumb Advanced Diploma in Overcoming Barriers to Learning Mathematics - Module 1 Course
Learning Works

Trouble with Maths? There are many factors to consider when a pupil or student is not succeeding in learning mathematics, e.g. a weak memory, poor organisation, a mismatch between teaching and learning styles or a curriculum that leaves the pupil behind! But how do you identify the causes and decide what intervention to use? Based on the latest research, the course aims to provide... (read more)

£950.00 + VAT
(Duration: 4 days )


Course_thumb iPad in the Classroom Course
Suklaa Media & Education

iPad isn't the future of education, it is technology that can and should be harnessed today. iPad isn't a mere 21st century textbook replacement, it's a versatile and flexible educational tool that pushes boundaries and expands the imagination of teachers and learners.

£395.00 + VAT
(Duration: School day)


Course_thumb MA Education Course
University of Hertfordshire

A choice of modules to achieve 120 credits then a final 60 credit project. Credits from a PGCE can be transferred.

£800.00 + VAT
(Duration: approx 3 years )


Course_thumb Basic Food Hygiene Course
PEYTU Training

For those whose work involves handling or preparing food. It covers all you need to know about basic food hygiene.

£50.00 + VAT
(Duration: 1 day)


Course_thumb Inclusive Tennis Teacher Training Course Course
Tennis Foundation

The three-hour Inclusive Tennis Teacher Training Course has been designed to give teachers and teaching assistants in Special Schools and those teaching disabled young people in mainstream education, the confidence and tools to deliver tennis to a class of children in a small space.

Free (Duration: 3 hours)


Course_thumb Primary Schools Tennis Teacher Training Course Course
Tennis Foundation

The three-hour Primary School Teacher Training Course has been developed to give teachers the confidence and tools to deliver tennis to a class of children in a small space.

Free (Duration: 3 hours)