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Course_thumb The Changing Shape of Citizenship - thinking creatively Course
Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT)

The day of professional development for teachers delivering Citizenship education at primary or secondary schools will demonstrate how to inspire pupils, and improve whole school development through effective Citizenship Education.

£85.00 + VAT
(Duration: Wed 30th May 2012 in Co. Durham)


Course_thumb Hidden Dyslexia Course
CPD Bytes Ltd

Hidden Dyslexia is an essential training course for all staff wishing to raise their awareness of how dyslexia can be masked in the classroom environment and discover the impact of unrecognised dyslexia on learning and behaviour.

£110.00 (no VAT on this item)
(Duration: 20 Hours)


Course_thumb MA Creative Thinking Course
University of Central Lancashire

“The MA Creative Thinking is a great program for distance learners. We have access to a plethora of books, journals, databases, etc. AND have face to face access with our professor each week. This is a huge benefit to me as a student…I get to have the psych of interacting with an expert who's really excited about creative thinking! I appreciate deeply the collegiality and respect I receive”. Kindergarten Teacher, United States of America

(Duration: Two Years & Three Months)


Course_thumb "Getting Ahead of the Game: Meeting complex needs in mainstream schools" Course
Think Education Consultancy Ltd

Addressing the learning, mental health and behavioural issues of pupils with complex needs presents a variety of unique challenges for mainstream schools. This multi-disciplinary conference, with keynote speaker Professor Barry Carpenter, will offer practical solutions and pathways forward to assist schools in "getting ahead of the game".

£150.00 + VAT
(Duration: 9:00am - 4:30pm)


Course_thumb ME Consultancy Service
ME North East

With funding from Children in Need we have developed a specialist service for young people over the last 8 years and have visited many schools speaking to staff and pupils on the effects of ME and how best to support each person. We will provide a brief outline of ME and how you can support pupils to maintain the best level of education to meet the needs of the individual child.


Course_thumb Getting Started - A beginners guide to growing in school Course
Royal Horticultural Society

Planning and setting up a school garden is suitable for schools that are currently at the Campaign for School Gardening’s Level’s one and two. Those attending this day may be completely new to gardening or have some experience of gardening in their own home, but are new to school gardening. The day will include some of the following topics: finding funding to start your garden, gardening on a... (read more)

£90.00 (no VAT on this item) For one course
£135.00 (no VAT on this item) For two courses or two persons on one course
£180.00 (no VAT on this item) For three courses or three persons on one course
(Duration: 1 day)


Course_thumb Global Learning Studio Course
The American School in London

The Global Learning Studio is an international professional development opportunity for classroom teachers, museum educators, arts specialists, curriculum leaders, administrators and teaching artists from schools and community-based arts organizations. Taking advantage of an international location is often mentioned as a central component of our schools’ missions and objectives. Putting this goal into practice in the classroom,... (read more)

£550.00 (no VAT on this item)
(Duration: 5 days)


Course_thumb The 21st Century Math Teacher Course
The American School in London

Mathematics has never been more important, and high quality mathematics teachers have never been more in demand. The interconnected world of the 21st century has placed the ultimate value on processes associated with mathematics: problem solving, communication, representation, making connections, reasoning and proof. The implications for teaching are important. Teachers must be willing to collaborate, take risks and share their... (read more)

£450.00 (no VAT on this item)
(Duration: 3 days)


Course_thumb Teaching history in the classroom using historical fiction Course
Historical Association

Is it the story in history that grabs you? Do you want to use historical fiction in your classroom but are unsure where to start? Have you already tried getting your children to write historical fiction and been disappointed with the results? Well then this is the course for you.

Free (Duration: 4 weeks)


Course_thumb Knowledge Discovery and Datamining Overview Course
University of East Anglia

Our 1 day Knowledge Discovery and Datamining (KDD) course will provide you with an overview of the main techniques for transforming data into knowledge and how these are used in businesses to drive profits.

£296.00 (no VAT on this item)
(Duration: 1 Day)