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Course_thumb Whole school approach outdoor learning Course
Learning Through Landscapes

A long term programme developing a whole school approach to Learning for Sustainability via outdoor learning, raising attainment through increased engagement and interdisciplinary learning.

£6,460.00 + VAT For upto 30 staff
(Duration: Academic Year)


Thumb Who says we have to stay inside in the Winter? Course
University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Harcourt Arboretum

Learn simple tips for identifying trees and plants in winter. Find out which animals remain active throughout the winter and where to look for them. Gather practical ideas for a range of seasonal activities you can try out in your school grounds. Based at Harcourt Arboretum.

£75.00 (no VAT on this item)
£60.00 (no VAT on this item) Trainee teacher
(Duration: 1 DAY, 10.00 am-3.00pm)


Course_thumb ‘Why do historians reach differing conclusions about the same event? Course
Historical Association

‘Why do historians reach differing conclusions about the same event’ is a new online CPD course run by Ben Walsh for the Historical Association. The course will run from September to October 2012. What exactly do we mean by historical interpretation? How is it different from any other kind of interpretation? Why is it so difficult to teach, and what can we reasonably expect from students... (read more)

£145.00 + VAT
(Duration: four weeks)


Thumb Why don't students like school? Resource
Teacher Development Trust(from 3 reviews)

A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How the Mind Works and What It Means for the Classroom. By Daniel T Willingham

£9.09 (no VAT on this item)


Course_thumb Why relationships matter Course
SMART Education Training Services

Teamwork is the key to successful outcomes for children academically and socially. This practical course looks at why the relationship between teaching assistants, parents, pupils and school colleagues is crucial to that success and how to develop this further.

£150.00 + VAT
(Duration: One full day.)


Course_thumb Will My Gravestone Last? Earth Science Out-of-Doors Course
Earth Science Education Unit (ESEU)

This is the basis of a ‘field visit’ to a local graveyard to use the wealth of opportunities available for scientific investigation, out of doors, in an Earth science context. Please contact ESEU to arrange a convenient date and time for this NO FEE workshop; travel and sundry expenses are the only costs incurred.

Free (Duration: 60 minutes)


Course_thumb WJEC and WJEC Eduqas A-level Psychology: Looking Ahead to the Second Year Course
Hodder Education

Join experienced examiners and A-level authors, Cara and Cristal, on this training day and plan your year ahead. Whether you have already taught the first year or are new to the specification, this course will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on the issues from the first AS year; focus on Year 2 and the full A-level, including how to write top essays and maximise marks on other exam questions; and look at the content of compulsory topics and likely exam questions.

£249.00 + VAT £249 + VAT
(Duration: 1 day)


Thumb Wordsmith Full-Day course Course
Pearson Primary UK

An in-depth, hands-on course to help you make the most of your Wordsmith subscription and deliver the requirements of the new language curriculum, delivered in one day and tailored to reflect the needs of your school and learners. Refresher courses are also available.

£850.00 + VAT Taken in one day
£950.00 + VAT Taken as two half-days
(Duration: Full-day (can also be taken as two half-days, see website for details))


Thumb Wordsmith Half-Day Course Course
Pearson Primary UK

This course is perfect for schools who have already had a full day of platform training for one of our other services, and do not need further training on using ActiveLearn Primary. Alternatively, if the school have been using Wordsmith for at least six months, and are green users. The course is for all staff – school leaders, English, literacy and language coordinators and teachers.

£500.00 + VAT
(Duration: 3 hours)


Course_thumb Working as a Teaching Assistant in the Science Department Course
Creative Education

The role of the teaching assistant in the science department is examined in this one day course which is suitable for new or aspiring TAs, as well as more experienced TAs hoping to expand their current role. You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and share good practice and will return to school with a host of new ideas you can put straight into practice.

£289.00 + VAT
(Duration: One Day)