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Thumb Working Memory: Intrinsic to Academic Progress Course
CLAD Services Ltd

Working Memory is provided by the Learning Disabilities Association of New Zealand. This course provides an introductory understanding of the importance of working memory to learning, and possible ways of strengthening working memory to empower learning. The course was written for teachers, but should provide information for anyone concerned with the progress of students. At the end of the course... (read more)

£33.00 (no VAT on this item) Non-LDANZ Members
£23.00 (no VAT on this item) LDANZ Members
(Duration: Course is available for up to six weeks from time of enrollment)


Course_thumb Working Memory, Learning & the Classroom Course
Learning Works

The programme for the morning is split into three parts: 1. Research Background. We will work together to develop a clearer understanding of what 'working memory' is, how it functions, and the critical role it plays in learning and achievement. Particular reference will be made to research regarding individuals with a low working memory capacity. 2. Practical Application. We will then explore practical ways... (read more)

£85.00 + VAT
(Duration: Half Day Morning)


Course_thumb Working Scientifically in the New Curriculum Course
Inspiring Science

In the new Science Curriculum, ‘Working Scientifically’ specifies the understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science for each year group. It should be embedded in the whole science curriculum with opportunities for children to answer their own scientific questions where possible. To reflect the fact that different types of questions and scenarios require different types of enquiry, teachers and... (read more)

Free Introductory offer (Duration: 2.5 hours)


Course_thumb Working with children with SLCN Course
University of Sheffield

An online module for learning support and teaching assistants, nursery nurses and speech and language therapy assistants. Discusses a range of strategies and approaches to support children with SLCN See web-link below for more details

(Duration: 12 weeks, part-time)


Course_thumb Working with cost centres Course

School governors and leaders are under increasing pressures to make sure they direct the school’s resources to activities that deliver maximum educational outcomes and best value for money. In times of budget restraints and sometimes income reduction, this becomes more challenging and governors need to scrutinise budget allocations more critically. A cost centre management approach to the organisation of finances facilitates easy... (read more)

£300.00 (no VAT on this item) Non-member price
£225.00 (no VAT on this item) Member price
(Duration: 09:00-15:30)


Thumb Working with Employers for Primary Transition Resource
My Future My Choice

A day event based on 'Explore My Future' the highly acclaimed Key Stage 2 Pathfinder Programme developed in Bristol. Advice, ideas, resources and planning to develop a transition activity with businesses partners. Designed for a cluster of primary schools working with a secondary school or academy. We recruit business partners for the programme if needed.

£580.00 (no VAT on this item) For upto 15 staff additional charge for recruitment of business partners.


Course_thumb Working with Gifted and Talented Children  Course
Technology To Teach(from 4 reviews)

The aim of this course is to offer practical solutions to help support the more able children in the primary classroom. How to recognise gifted and talented children, effective strategies in the different subject areas and how to monitor your children’s progress are some of the intended outcomes. The role of technology is extremely relevant to this topic so suggestions for suitable hardware and software will be given... (read more)

£200.00 + VAT
£600.00 + VAT For up to 25 delegates
(Duration: 1Day)


Course_thumb Working with ICT for Science Technicians  Course
STEM Education Centre London, Institute of Education

Science technicians will often have to support the use of datalogging and digital imaging. This course develops your skills with this equipment, improving set-up times and reducing errors.

£185.00 (no VAT on this item)
(Duration: 1 day)


Course_thumb Working with Parents Course

This one day workshop focuses on developing a better understanding of the needs of parents and explores strategies for effectively building parental relationships for sustained working together.

£145.00 (no VAT on this item)
(Duration: 1 Day)


Course_thumb Working with Parents/Carers to Tackle Problem Behaviour and Attendance Course
Creative Education

This course explores strategies for working collaboratively with parents and carers to tackle problem behaviour and attendance. By the end of the course, delegates will have the knowledge they need to begin working in partnership with parents and will be prepared to overcome common pitfalls and barriers.

£289.00 + VAT
(Duration: One Day)