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Thumb Big Maths Course
Andrell Education Ltd

Big Maths is a teaching method created by Ben Harding that makes progress in Maths easy and fun for both children and teachers. Schools up and down the United Kingdom and abroad now learn through Big Maths every day and take part in the ‘Big Maths, Beat That!’ challenge every week. Ben Harding leads an Andrell team of qualified Big Maths consultants that offer high impact training to schools across the world.

£230.00 + VAT Includes CLIC Book £60rrp per delegate and Beat That Challenges £65rrp. Conference
£45.00 + VAT Per delegate, (min 20). Includes copy of CLIC £60rrp and Beat That Challenges £65rrp. INSET
(Duration: 1 day (9.00a.m- 3:30pm))


Thumb Big Reading Course
Andrell Education Ltd

From the conception of Big Reading more than seven years ago to its launch and current success, the driving force behind Big Reading has always been for all children to learn to become readers

£200.00 + VAT Conference
£45.00 + VAT Per delegate, (min 20). INSET
(Duration: 1 day (9.00am- 3:30pm))


Thumb Big Writing Course
Andrell Education Ltd

“If a child can’t say it, a child can’t write it” Big Writing is a methodology that is highly enjoyable and motivating and – when done right – has an immediate impact for all children. Proven and effective, Big Writing is the perfect teaching method to raise standards in writing. 20% rise in standards within the first full year of implementation 90%+ of all children aged 11 at Level 4 and above within 3 to 5 years Implemented... (read more)

£200.00 + VAT Per delegate. Conference
£45.00 + VAT Per delegate (Min 20). INSET
(Duration: 1 day (9.00am- 3:15pm))